Music Video “Stranger”

Directed by Lasse Hartikainen, Alias Creative


Following videos were recorded live At Studio Toy Recording, Cardiff.


by  Antti Karppinen © 2015

About Jammy Harris

Jammy Harris is a singer, musician and songwriter who was born and raised in the Welsh capital Cardiff, the heart of the land of song. His musical heritage has its roots in the no nonsense world of the South Wales club circuit of the 1970s and 80s -a scene where Jammy’s father was very present as a gigging guitar player.


Embracing his dads love and respect for musical legends from both sides of the Atlantic, and combining that with his own appreciation of the emerging songwriters of the 1980s,  has given Jammy a set of musical sensibilities that are all too rare in music today- a real knack for crafting memorable melodies, and lyrics that ring true to people from all walks of life, all backed up by the true ability to really deliver his music live.


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